Software for credit and market information

MarketSoft makes state-of-the art solutions for credit and market information providers in Europe. Our solution is a white label solution, and partners can achieve exclusivity in their country. Today we have partners in 8 European countries and more are joining in 2020.

Business Intelligence

MarketSoft´s solution is business intelligence at it´s best. Each partner provide top quality company information in their country and MarketSoft join the data together into 1 international solution. Data are for instance company name, address, phone number, VAT no., no. of employees, branch codes, board, management names, financial figures, risk group etc.

End user can make cross border company search, fetch additional credit reports, see distribution maps and based on advanced algorithms MarketSoft´s program can automatically analyze customers and instantly finds the best prospects in each country. Beside this MarketSoft has developed unique online datacleaning, monitoring, geocoding and much more.

Dedicated to your success

We are a Danish software company with life long branch experience. Here you can take a quick look at our development center in India.

Contact MarketSoft if you are a data provider and want to offer the most advanced software for international company data and market information.